Junkanoo Masquerade (Installation View In Situ)  - A permanent, site-specific artwork commissioned for the Warwick Hotel Paradise Island (Bahamas). Acrylic & mixed-media on canvas. 132 in. x 66 in. (Photo courtesy Warwick Hotel Paradise Island Bahamas).  Project Statement:   Created in direct response to its Bahamian surroundings & culture, "Junkanoo Masquerade" riffs on the festive spirit of the Junkanoo Carnival. Afro-Caribbean Mask-Heads brim with exotic plumage, while native Bahamian symbolism hums beneath a contemporary surface that collages ecstatic pattern with flora & fauna.
  Spider Monkey Mask  detail from  Rappaccini Origami Terrarium , dress by Emilio Pucci
US Art in Embassies Program Permanent Collection
Agora: Fantasia (Part I) - iSolAIR, Cape Verde Islands (West Africa)